by Tamas Spisak

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Probabilistic Treshold-free Cluster Enhancement

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pTFCE (probabilistic TFCE) is a cluster-enahncement method to improve detectability of neuroimaging signal. It performs topology-based belief boosting by integrating cluster information into voxel-wise statistical inference.

image Figure 1. pTFCE achieves a significant increase in statistical power in most of the typical fMRI processing scenarios. See the paper for details.

For a detailed description and theory, please refer to (and please cite):

Tamás Spisák, Zsófia Spisák, Matthias Zunhammer, Ulrike Bingel, Stephen Smith, Thomas Nichols, Tamás Kincses, Probabilistic TFCE: a generalised combination of cluster size and voxel intensity to increase statistical power. Neuroimage, 185:12-26. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2018.09.078

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R-package & Installation NEW RELEASE :new: smoothness estimation based on 4D residual data

SPM Matlab Toolbox & Installation


  1. Overview
  2. Relation to TFCE
  3. The R-package
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    3.2 Usage
  4. The SPM Toolbox
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  5. The FSL extension
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  6. The Nipype interface
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image Figure 2. A graphical representation of pTFCE depicting the integaration of cluster probabilities at various cluster-forming threshold via Bayes’ Theorem and our incremental probability aggregation technique.